I have yet to kiss a pirate or climb Mt Killimanjaro. But I have traveled to many far away places and logged more hours on buses, trains and boats than I care to admit. All in searching of that brilliant, sublime moment that haunting photographs are made of and to collect stories that makes me weep in my sleep. Along the way, I occasionally flip over a rock, poke my head into a cave in search of the Holy Grail. I've made it my life's goal to be as fearless as possible in all endeavors and to reach out a little further every time.

I am driven by ideas, connecting the dots and how everything comes together in all forms of creative enterprise. Storytelling, creative voodoo and visual innovation make me high as a kite and my heart skip a beat. Sharing all of this with the world, reflected through my professional experience, makes me smile. I love solving problems, yours and mine and the kid in the corner eating paste, but I am awful at Scrabble so please don't make me play. I am not a spy, but I am living under an alias and it's possible that I am hiding from my life of crime. I'll let you decide if they would like me back dead or alive.

I believe in being transparent and will admit to cheating on my Geology exam once upon a time. I believe in exaltation of the individual, connections and collaboration. I have a world domination agenda but I know I can't do it without some excellent co-conspirators. Lets be friends. Or better yet let's be revolutionaries together, make this a better world and watch the sunrise from the top.